Frequently Asked Questions

What's a DVD-R?
DVD-R discs are also referred to as Duplicated DVDs and are often purple on the underside and regular DVDs are referred to as Replicated or Pressed and are silver. Both types of DVDs play on 99% of DVD players. You can always check the manual for your DVD player to ensure that it lists DVD-R as a compatible disc format. We always prefer to carry replicated DVDs, but occasionally instructors will only duplicate their DVDs (most manufacturer's will only replicate DVDs if the instructor orders 1000 or more DVDs and it takes longer to replicate the DVD vs duplicating). Some instructors actually aren't educated in the difference between Replication vs Duplication. I have had customers report that DVD-R's can degrade faster than regular DVDs if they are not stored properly (lying in the sun, handled improperly (fingerprints), etc). Manufacturer's will generally say that the life expectancy is long for both types of DVDs (I've done a lot of reading and it varies from 20-200 years).

My DVD Won't Play or Skips/Freezes
Try cleaning the disc. Even the tiniest smudge, fingerprint, or piece of dust can make a disc skip or freeze - some DVD players are more sensitive to this type of thing than others. With a soft, lint free cloth, wipe the disc in a straight line from the inside of the disc outward (not in circles). Do not use strong abrasives. You can use water with a little dish soap or isopropyl alcohol. You can also use peanut oil - let it sit for a minute and then wipe it off. Commercial disc cleaners (either DVD or CD) can also be used. If the disc still doesn't play try it in a different player. Sometimes it's a compatibility issue between a certain disc and a certain DVD player (I know it sounds strange, but it happens). Some players are just more sensitive to the way the DVD was coded by the manufacturer. I've seen it happen even with just one DVD in a certain set - there's really no way to tell in advance if that's the case. If the disc still doesn't play just contact us for a replacement.

If you are located outside the US or Canada make sure it's an all region DVD (region 0) and is compatible with your DVD player (the DVD player will say "wrong region").

If the introduction plays but then goes back to the menu you may have to scroll down in the menu (up and down arrows) to the section you want and then click "enter" or "select" on your remote. Sometimes just clicking Play and Skip on your DVD player won't play the entire disc depending on how the disc is set up.

What is Region Coding - Will the DVD Play in My Country?
All of our DVDs will play in the United States and Canada. We have some instructors that are located in Europe, Australia, etc, but they have DVDs specially made for us that will play in the United States & Canada. If you are located outside of the United States or Canada then you want to make sure you choose a DVD that says "Region Coding 0 (Worldwide)". If you have an all region DVD player then any of the discs will play in your country.

Do You Have a Catalog?
We do not have a printed catalog that we mail to customers. You can, however, phone in your order (1-888-777-1908) or choose "check or money order" in the checkout if you'd like to mail in your payment.

How Fast Will I Receive My Order?
Generally we ship everyday and orders placed before 2:00pm CST Monday through Saturday ship the same day. You can choose the delivery method in the checkout - First Class Mail normally takes 3-4 days and Media Mail 6-10 Days in the United States (the post office does not guarantee these times but that's the average).
Free Standard Shipping:
1 Standard size DVDs will ship First Class Mail
4-16 Standard size DVDs will ship Media Mail
More than 16 DVDs or heavier kits will ship UPS ground depending on the location (otherwise Priority Mail)

International Shipping is always shipped through the post office due to the higher customs & brokerage charges invoked by UPS/Fed Ex/DHL. Delivery times vary greatly depending on the country. Normally it's 1-2 weeks (longer around the holidays).

Do you ever have sales?
Yes! Roughly twice a year we have site wide sales where we have over 1000 titles discounted. We also have "Deal of the Day" and Weekly Specials. A couple of times a year the Deal of the Day is a free DVD - you just pay shipping for the DVD if the order is under $19. Generally, there's a list of 15 DVDs to choose from or you can choose "surprise me" and we will send you a customer return (in perfect working order) or a DVD that is low on stock from our "Going, Going, Gone" category. Please subscribe to our monthly newsletter for these announcements.

I'm an Instructor - Will You Carry My DVD?
If you have a trailer for your DVD please email it to [email protected] along with pricing information (wholesale & retail) and whether it's a duplicated or replicated DVD (see What is a DVD-R for the difference). If you have a screener available please send it and your contact information to:
Total Fitness DVDs
PO Box 2457
Brookfield, WI 53008