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I am so happy I found Total Fitness DVDs. I called and spoke to Mary requesting a Yin Yoga DVD. She recommended a one that was great and I received it in only a few days all the way to Hawaii. They are so helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Total Fitness DVDs.

Hello, just wanted to say thank you
for such awesome service. DVDs from the USA to Australia in less than a week with normal shipping! Thanks to your fast despatch. Many thanks for the great service. It's really appreciated.

I discovered Total Fitness
approximately one year ago and have been a fit and happy customer ever since. In fact, I just can't imagine shopping for fitness DVDs anywhere else! Not only does Mary provide the most extensive selection of workout DVDs she also provides unsurpassed customer service. I recently had to return a defectively manufactured DVD. I was so impressed with how quickly Mary addressed the issue. In fact, I received a new replacement DVD in less that a week! I also appreciate the Reward Point System that Mary has available for us. It's so nice to shop with a merchant that respects and appreciates customers loyalty. In today's online market it is nice to know that customer service still reigns at Total Fitness. Thank You!
Sharon Bonin
Apple Valley, MN

Thank you! You have the best customer service and are more than fair. The variety and prices for Total Fitness DVDs are excellent.

Hi, Mary is really the best. First she let me use her address to order the new Zumba set . I had problems with my bank and I couldn't pay the shipping to Spain (the set is heavy) and she sent it to me before I was able to pay the cost of the shipping. She is always nice. I will always shop with Mary. I wanted to thank-you for providing the best customer service out there. Mariangeles from Spain

From the great selection of titles
at an affordable price to the expedient shipping, I am super pleased with Total Fitness DVD's! Thanks Salem

Total Fitness has the best customer service!I
live in the Netherlands and for buying fitness dvds this is the best site you can be. I totally trust Mary and she offers good prices, reasonable shipping charges and the delivery is always fast and good. So do not hesitate to buy here, I strongly recommend it. If you only buy here once I guarantee you will come back because it is great. If you look at and look at the forum Vendor Comments/Reviews you will see there are very good reviews about TotalFitness. Nelly from the Netherlands

I just want to say I am so pleased I have discovered Total Fitness DVDs.
Your descriptions and videos make it easy for me to make good choices with my hard-earned money in this tough economy. The prices are very reasonable, the sales and points are awesome, and I'm very impressed with how easy it is to place and order and how quickly I get my DVDs. Recommending you to my friends who are interested in at-home fitness!
- Susan

I have been purchasing from Mary and for a few years now and I LOVE this site! Being a Fitness DVD Addict with over 500 DVDs in my personal collection, I am always looking for the best deal and TFD ALWAYS has it! This site not only beats the prices at other fitness and general merchandise retailers (online and box retailers), but the customer service is second to none and I have never had any issues or concerns when dealing with Mary; she really is a true professional! It is because of this along with a stellar communication and customer satisfaction policies that I buy from her above anyone else. I recommend her site at least twice per day, 24/7, and will continue to do so. With 1,000s of DVDs to choose from and wonderful preview clips, I couldn't ask for more. I've even been able to find some of those "rare/hard to find" workouts and Mary is always willing to add workouts to the site that aren't currently listed. Thank you Mary and TFDs for making every purchase a pleasant experience. Sincerely, Julia

I just want to thank you
for great customer service, the dvd's are sent out on time and your return policy is an easy process. I love your site and the fact that you have
free shipping as well as the added discount off a certain amount. Thanks again.

TotalFitnessDVDs is the only place I trust 100%,
I have zero qualms about ordering here, and trust me, I'm very fearful & picky about online purchasing. Mary will give you personal service and fix any problem... she'll go above and beyond. It's the first place I go to for fitness DVDs and the only place I've ordered from in a long time. Who needs to go anywhere else? Customer service and peace of mind are top priorities for me when ordering but of course also prices are good and S&H (especially from Canada!) can't be beat. Moi, from Canada.

The best customer service
. I am from Spain and I have always had AWESOME customer service. She is my first choice when I want to buy fitness dvds. She was kind enough to buy a dvd from Amazon (Amazon don't ship it overseas)
herself and send it to me. She is wonderful. ¡ngeles from Spain).

I have been buying
my workout DVDs from Mary for several years now, and she is always my first choice. She has a loyal following from her international customers, as she offers reasonable shipping charges, and fast delivery. -
RedPanda (Australia)

I have been a customer
at Total Fitness DVDs for about 2 years now and I have always had OUTSTANDING customer service. Mary goes out of her way to help you with anything. She has the fastest shipping and best prices!!!! Thank you Mary :-) - Connie - Texas

I wanted to thank-you for providing the best customer service out there. I can always count on you to answer questions about the DVDs you carry. Your order processing and shipping speed is untouchable! I don't order from anyone else. If you don't carry it I go directly to the instructor or producer and let them know how great you are in hopes they will partner with you. By the way, I also make sure I pass on your website information to anyone who is interested in fitness DVDs (and even some that may no be. . . .yet). Thanks again, fitmom24 aka Michelle B.

I love buying from Mary at TotalFitnessDVDs. She is wonderful to work with and ships orders extremely fast. TotalFitnessDVDs goes above and beyond with excellent customer service. Once I received a DVD that came off the spindle during shipping (not Mary's fault, it was sealed from the manufacturer). I was afraid to open the dvd and break the seal since some companies won't let you return opened items. I called Mary and she sent out a replacement DVD immediately, along with a return envelope - No hassles, no issues. Other companies would have waited for me to ship the defective item back to them, and then they would have processed the return and shipped out another DVD - it's little things like this that make me want to do business with Mary instead of the big stores :)

Best service ever, every time!

I am not sure how long I have been a customer of Mary's, but from the moment I have discovered her website, I have never looked back, and I am from the UK.
Mary's customer service is second to none. She has raised the bar in customer service, and I am always pleased to order from her as she will go out of her way to make the customer happy, and if I am not satisfied she is very self sacrificing, even though I must say I dont think I have ever really been disatisfied.
I will always shop with Mary even if it means paying that little bit more.

I have been using Total Fitness Dvds now for several years and have received fantastic first class service on every single order. Mary goes out of her way to provide a personal service and has been very flexible in meeting my needs as an international customer. I have lived in both Asia and Europe and so am very conscious of the shipping costs in getting US exercise dvds. Not only does Total Fitness DVDs offer the best range of products (and personal advice on the best dvds for my needs) they also offer the cheapest shipping prices and extremely fast service. I often order my dvds on a Friday and by Tuesday or Wednesday the following week they have reached me in Europe. I could not more strongly recommend this company - they really are the best! Sonia

Hi! You are the BEST fitness DVD company ever. I ordered from you during 5 years I think and you never disappointed me, faster than light are you shipping, service are great, would order more soon!
Natalia from Sweden

Thank you so much for the amazing service! Jag get my order to Sweden in just few days! Happy with you as always! Now it is time to do some training! Kind regards, Natalia

I`m so happy I found you.My Dvds arrive so soon an they`re fantastic!! Amazing job!! Thanks for all from Spain!!

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