Success Stories



I am 36 years old and haven´t properly worked out since P.E at school (i.e 20 years ago!) I have never been slim and take after my mother who is overweight.

The older I got the more kilos I would gain and I´d just buy a size bigger and say ´hey, this is how I am´ My weight went up to 78 kilos, I started to become unhappy about it , it was especially depressing because I love clothes & fashion and many of my clothes were becoming snug. I´d go out and buy more but knew I had tons of clothes……just many that didn´t fit!

I became pregnant with my first daughter last year and my weight went up to 92 kilos. I had a C-section and as soon as my Dr gave me the green light I started exercising.
I hate the gym, I find it so intimidating. A friend of mine told me about working out at home and gave me a Leslie Sansone DVD that was really light, using very light weights (I was using 1.5 and 2 kilos) I was hooked! I worked out 4/5 times a week.

Then I got hooked on Turbo Jam and have bought all the DVDs through Total Fitness, next came Kathy Smith and Karen Voight, Gin Miller and Amy Bento  to name a few

Then many of my DVDs stopped challenging me and I plateaued, I knew I had to take it up a notch so I ordered Cathe´s Hardcore Gym Style DVDs (Legs, Chest/triceps and Back, shoulders, biceps) wow! I was hooked from the second I started, ooo those Bonus Burns!!!! I then ordered Slow & Heavy, words cannot describe how much these DVDs have changed my body! Then came Butts and Gutts, anyone who has tried this DVD needs no introduction! For the first time I have definition in my abs . I thought I was stuck with flabby inner thighs, not after those walking lunges and fire walkers! wow!


I took the plunge and ordered some of Cathe´s Step DVDs after watching clips again and again. I ordered Drill Max, Body Max 2, 4 Day Split, all I can say is with these DVDs, who needs the gym!!!  I feel like I´m going to die, but when Cathe says things like ´I don´t care what you look like, just gimme some!´ (4 day split Kickbox!) It makes me carry on.

Now, a year and a half later after I started working out, I weight 65 kilos! A whole 13 kilos less than before I fell pregnant!
I have a fitter, tighter body than I did 20 years ago! I started using 1.5/2 kilos, now I use dumbbells of 10/12 kilos. I surprise myself (and my husband) with how far I have come-
The other day I gave away a big bag of clothes, clothes that no longer fit because they are too big! It was hard but also felt good, besides, I know that with my workout DVDs, I´ll NEVER fit into them again!

2 weeks ago I received my STS DVDs, I plan to start 2010 with a 3 month STS cycle, I have no doubt that this fantastic series will help me even further with my fitness goals!